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sensors for obstacle avoidance robot

hi friends,

i want 2 build a obstacle avoidance robot which wil detect any obstacle on its way and have to reach a goal post some distance away....

i hav tried tsop and ir sensors..but its not working properly ...since i cant able to fine tune the distance in tsop..


so please tell me which sensors would b useful that can also b tuned according to d distance of obstacle..



it would b helpful if u send d circuit design too



thanx dudes

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This may help you: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/316

 You should really actully type full the full words, and not just abbriviations.

It makes it easier to read it.

I mean, im pretty darn young, and i type this way, plus: your cant be much yonger than me.



Show pictures of what you have tried and be more detailed. Maybe it would work but your code wasnt correct.
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