Let's Make Robots!

WCRG 2010 Pictures and video

Hello all,

As promised the pictures from WCRG 2010.  Credits go to Fingertech for providing the video and pictures.

Line Following

Mine Sweeper


Anihilator Behemoth: Blaster Shark

Me driving the Fingertech Omnibot

Beginner class minisumo

Chip getting ready to kick some tail.

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I enjoyed your pictures and video - its good to see the promotion of robots, the youngsters where having good time.

I noticed that the biggest problem with the Sumos .......... they are driving them "Way" to fast .

We want more of these Events covered - (thats a subtle hint to all other LMRers out there)

Part of that problem I was was finishing it on the car ride up to Calgary and the night before in the hotel.  It was a miracle it was even driving properly.  Throughout the whole competition I was constantly tweaking the code to make it better.  You might be right, they are too fast, but if I can harness the speed to my advantage I shall be invincible.  Mwa ha ha ha.