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My First robot (line maze/contact obstacle avoidance)

Line Mazes and collision object avoidance

News (for those who don't want to read the article)

-I have got one of the line sensors working.

-I have got some basic line following going

-I have given up on this robot because I cannot get the motors to drive nearly streight enough for decent line following however it was a great first robot.

-my 2nd robot i havent even posted because I never got it working. I tried to make a micromouse that used 2 stepper motors. Unfortunatey as I was struggleing for space i used the same powersuply for the motors and the logic. BAD IDEA! whenever I tried using 2 motors it got through half a step and then the microcontroller just re-set. If I knew more about what I was doing I could probarbly keep the microcontroler running using some capacitors but im not sure how. One day I will re-make my circuits so that I can give the motors a seperate power supply in the mean time I will work on some more robots and see what I learn!

-my 3rd robot is based on stage 2 of the start here (after my previous faliour im going back to basics) it is coming on well and hoefuly Il make it a page soon. It has GM9 motors so hopefuly I will fare better with the linefollowing. For my next robot im going to use a baby orangutan microcontroller, some very small motors and some fancy batteries (and hopefuly some home made sensors http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2907) to make a robot that (mostly) fits inside an old computer mouse. Then I may go back and make my 2nd robot work.

------------------------------this robot has been discontinued (see above)------------------------------------------

This is my first robot. I now have one of the line sensors working and both bumper switches. I will update the article with a better right up once I have finished the robot.

Parts: (will make a list on a later date)


some parts are not in the picture because they were delivered on a later date (more sensors and pre crimped cables).