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Arduino Software Installation

Ok, so I bought my arduino diecimella on the internet, and im currently waiting for it to arrive. However, I want to prepare my comp by downloading the software. I downloaded the "program" to find it was a zip folder. I decided to check its readme to find a link to the website, the instructions  ask that I download a program called cygnus or something, which i did, then it said to download some other packages, only to get a couple programs on my desktop that dont open anything, so I read on, I also have to download the USB drivers, but GUESS WHAT!? I GET ANOTHER ZIP FOLDER!!!!! What the hell do I have to do!? The instructions give no more information! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! ANYONE!!!

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yep! it is as silva_p said!! 

you have more detailed information in their website http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

I also have an arduino diecimilla and i just downloaded the arduino program and the drivers.

if you downloaded the right drivers its just plug in the arduino and the normal windows window will show up asking for them and you just put the adress to where you have unziped them.

at least that was the way i did it and it works fine.

hope ive helped.