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L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit

Vendor's Description: 

This is a motor driver that I like because of this:

  • It is usable from 6 to 50V, at up to 4A total output current
  • It has a 5V output, so you can just hook up any battery (above 6V), and then hook your Microcontroller up to this motor controller
  • It has LED's to indicate that the motors (should be) going

it is controlled by setting pins high and low, and that is..

  • Bad because it takes up 4 output pins
  • Good because the beginner does not have to worry about serial or i2C or whatever that can be frustrating

I often find that I have lots of spare digital input ports on the Picaxe that I tend to use.. and these can be used as output for this, so in fact it feels like it uses "no pins at all":

The input pins can be used as output, but not to transfer serial or i2C, so for me this sollution often uses a pin less than other motor controllers.

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