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Guibot's mothers shaver

Today I got a parcel with the post.

Wondering what it was, it was quite a surprice to find what I imidatly recognized as being Guibot's mothers shaver.

Guibots mothers shaver

Then I realized that about 1 1/2 years ago, I said that I would take it over if Guibot had problems coding..



:D Thanks man.. when will I ever get the time to do that? Wll, I guess I have to :) What power did your mothers shaver take?


And also thank you for the board! Quite a surprise package, thanks a lot!!


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"Boy, if you are having any problems programming that thing, send it to me, I'd really love to play with it ;)"  

this phrase got me ticking since that time.. Fristl, now it is your turn to make it roll and go, and perhaps, with a Motoruino  :D

I used a 7.2V pattery pack, the most problem you will find is with balance, to much weight on the back and it will spin out of control.. but I am sure you will find your way

Best of lucks with the crazy rat  ;)