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Homemade Arduino !

Normal arduino

I'm from Lebanon , and its a bit hard to acquire arduinos or any kind of hobby electronics , so i had to make the arduino myself here after i got a lot of inspiration from many online guides . i also built a parallel programmer to download the bootloader , a usb to serial converter to send sketches to the duino . cool project to make and build from scratch . here are some pics :

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can you give me the schematics


If I am not mistaken this (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3) is what you are looking for.


thanjewberrymud!!!!(thank you very much)!!! :D


hey jad im lebanese too :) i recently was able to get hold of an arduino but still where did u get the components from im interested


Good to hear that. If you need any help contact me :)   berrojad     at     gmail   dot    com

The components are from katranji in jnah.

Looks really neat. Nice job.

Did you etch the PCB yourself ?

Nice job !

I made got two of those guys myself :).

my friend and i make it too :)

That looks just great! I have always wanted to do one by myself, but never got the time.

Where did find all the components? Thanks