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Homemade Arduino !

Normal arduino

I'm from Lebanon , and its a bit hard to acquire arduinos or any kind of hobby electronics , so i had to make the arduino myself here after i got a lot of inspiration from many online guides . i also built a parallel programmer to download the bootloader , a usb to serial converter to send sketches to the duino . cool project to make and build from scratch . here are some pics :

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from a local electronics shop

I see you followed a certain instructable at instructables dot com, he has a design flaw, the capacitors for the crystal are too far away, if you have timing issues/weird  bugs, that could be why.

I was thinking the same thing.

But if it works, it works.

It's only 16mhz anyway, not like it's super duper sensitive.



got the schemetics and layout from arduino.cc and im not having trouble with the timing :)

You have created a thing of beauty, my friend.