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IN-16 Nixie Tubes on the way from Russia!!


So, I've been looking at these amazing tubes for some time now, and today I just bought six pieces... Straight from Russia!


18$ is what I had to give. Not bad at all.

I got them on Ebay. There was another offer, 100 tubes for 300$.. I almost hit the button, but sanity caught up with me :D Sadly!!

I love old tech!

Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1 = NIX-1

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Dam sweet, inside an acrylic box that would be perfect.


What voltage do these usually operate with?

I've been reading a little about them and the need 180v to glow properly.

Sadly the only datasheets I've been able to find are in russian :D
But from what I've read some places on the web they use little current.


They were also the cheapest I was able to find. Since they're my first I didnt want to spend a lot on them just to blow them up or something!

Gimme a link, i know very little russian, but i can read it, and some words are a lot like portuguese(the sound, the writing is diferent)

Thank you for the effort!


I have collected some datasheets which I've uploaded for use here (5MB) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JIE482HT

I think the pdf contain information on different types of tubes, the one I have is called IN-16.


I got it translated by a colleague !!

I am fluent in Russian. PM me if you have specific questions and I'll take a look at the data-sheet. Don't expect me to translate the whole data-sheet tho :P

Remind me on a Nixie clock I built 10 years ago. I love this warm glow...

Title is self-explanatory :)

$18 including shipping, or was there an extra 20$ charge for shipping and packaging expenses? For that kind of money you'll be better off going with steel pipes from KJ Tubing, but hey, if the whole package was $18 and you're not in a big hurry, so you can afford to wait two weeks, it's all perfect. Post some pictures when the package arrives and definitely share the completed project with us, you got everybody excited about these tubes.

Good find.  Those would make a really cool clock.