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IN-16 Nixie Tubes on the way from Russia!!


So, I've been looking at these amazing tubes for some time now, and today I just bought six pieces... Straight from Russia!


18$ is what I had to give. Not bad at all.

I got them on Ebay. There was another offer, 100 tubes for 300$.. I almost hit the button, but sanity caught up with me :D Sadly!!

I love old tech!

Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1 = NIX-1

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Title is self-explanatory :)

Remind me on a Nixie clock I built 10 years ago. I love this warm glow...

I am fluent in Russian. PM me if you have specific questions and I'll take a look at the data-sheet. Don't expect me to translate the whole data-sheet tho :P

Thank you for the effort!


I have collected some datasheets which I've uploaded for use here (5MB) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JIE482HT

I think the pdf contain information on different types of tubes, the one I have is called IN-16.


I got it translated by a colleague !!

I've been reading a little about them and the need 180v to glow properly.

Sadly the only datasheets I've been able to find are in russian :D
But from what I've read some places on the web they use little current.


They were also the cheapest I was able to find. Since they're my first I didnt want to spend a lot on them just to blow them up or something!

Gimme a link, i know very little russian, but i can read it, and some words are a lot like portuguese(the sound, the writing is diferent)

Dam sweet, inside an acrylic box that would be perfect.


What voltage do these usually operate with?