Let's Make Robots!

First robot with basic object avoiding

Navigate around via ultrasound

This is my first robot with my own navigation after learning from "How to make your first robot" how everything works.

Don't mind the design of this cigar-box-robot. I put just something together for testing. Form follows function :-)

The next thing I'm trying after  improving the existing navigation is that the robot is able to follow a light or my finger or something. I haven't a clue for now how I will do this, but I think somehow it will work.

My final robot should be able to get some objects with different colors and sort them. I want to use this project for my final thesis of my technician school in Germany. I have 2 years to get finished with everything. I think that should work.

 Greets from Germany


BTW: I love this site!!! Took a long time to find so much usefull informations on building robotsin the net.


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Nice. The cigar box is cool. It gives it a sort of old-school look
Nice robot! What would be cool though is if the robot pulled out a cigar for you when you double-clap or whistle etc that would be awesome.
Hmm, great idea! I think I'll make me a note. Maybe I will do something in this way :-)
Works Great...

Hmmm... sorta slow though


Yes, I know. That's because I just got 12V gear motors and I drive them at 5V. In future I will use other motors or use a second voltage. What do you suggest?

Keep the voltage, use a motor driver! http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2037


Get smaller geared motors that fits.

These are better sollutions, IMHO. Getting second voltage through the board means you have to carry extra batteries, not nice. It also means hat you have to use the boards motor driver that can not handle so much power.

Great, thanks for the tip. I'm gonna see where I can get this driver in Germany.