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Mr. Random [...and on youtube]

Drives around randomly, dices if he hits an obstacle, emits strange sounds
Mr._Random_circuit_diagram.JPG457.71 KB

Forget to spin the bottle or throw common dice at your next party --- Mr. Random is in the house. Driven by two hacked (continuous rotation) servos, Mr. Random wanders around on your floor. If the tactile sensor hits an obstacle, the robot reverses, stops, produces a random number from 1 to 6 on LEDs that are similar to the pips on the side of a dice and emits a strange sound.

After the die is cast, the robot turns left or right, depending on a pseudo-random number, which is generated by the random command and activated by the tactile sensor.

The LED-dice is a circuit from the ebook 50 555 CIRCUITS, modified for my needs and additional equipped with a second 555 IC, which is wired as a pulse extender and used as a driver for the beeper.

2010.06.07: Circuit diagram of Mr. Random attached.

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Version 2 should have selectable configuration for different sided dice for gaming. Common gaming dice have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20 sides. 

well, you did not tell me this when we had lunch together...

This idea is great and thinking about this guy on a party makes me smile. Instead of the random sound you could equip it with your text-to-spech module and let it tell a story to each of the numbers.

Oh, another thing...shame on you...you are using superglue and no hotglue? Haha, joking. I really like your clean design witht he nice standoffs and almost industrial grade prefboard installation :-)