Let's Make Robots!

LHC starts up tomorrow

The large hadron collider gets it's beam on tomorrow....can't wait to see what happens....or doesn't.  :)




Less to do with robotics, but still, something that maybe a few might be interested in. 


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Are they going to create a black hole in the heart of Europe? Sweet.

I think the point is that they really don't know what's going to happen. I had understood that they wanted to increase the probability of the creation of a particular particle which hadn't been around since the big bang and that if they did create it they had no way of detecting it, but they could detect other stuff that would happen if the particle was created.

...or something.

Anyway, it's the end of the world, apparently. (Yawn.)


I actually don't think we have to worry about the end of the world....I had read this article a while back...pretty interesting...


You're probably right. Apparently it'll be about three years before they get useful results from it. So, if it was the end of the world this morning, we'll not find out until September 2011. BY that time it won't be headline news any more.

I was reading their Planning the Day doc, and they state an initial trial at 9 am CEST, and then follow CEST as GMT+2. Looking on a time zone map show CEST to be GMT+1. Typo?

Just wondering if I can expect the world to end at 1 am or 2 am tonight.  :)

just listen for the loud suckng sound and your body starting to stretch....that'll be the first clue that they started!   :)



...sorry... random outburst, coudlnt help it, wont happen again

I really should have worded that differently, but I didn't think anyone would take the shot!  :)
daylight saving or doomsday time?

yep, it has been a pleasure, just in case it all goes horribly awry.