Let's Make Robots!

LHC starts up tomorrow

The large hadron collider gets it's beam on tomorrow....can't wait to see what happens....or doesn't.  :)




Less to do with robotics, but still, something that maybe a few might be interested in. 


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Nice one Frits. I see what you did there.

One thing puzzles me, though. I'm not saying I would change my voice if I could, but a persons voice does change over time. With all the recent advances in computer technology, better phoneme sets, phoneme pair recordings, etc, somoene that smart could easily do a firmware update. Why whould I trust someone who chooses to speak like a 1970's Apple Macintosh?

It's a lot of theoretical drivel. We can't possibly understand God's laboratory. God makes sure that we only figure out stuff he needs us to.

Ignorance is bliss. Long live ignorance!

I'm an engineer. Let's talk scientist to scientist. You don't seriously believe all that theoretical drivel, do you?

(Yes, I'm being ironic again.)

Awesome explanation Dan! thanks!!!
Aside from it's size of the life expectancy, yeah me either i guess....but they didn't say they were out to create a super massive black hole.....

...hmmm time to make backup...

 What could be the best media ?

Please note a Rock is the best data backup method pending 15 hundred megawatt hadron collider start up and initialization . if you notice the taste of blood inside of your oral cavity the collider has reached a super critical singularity overload state and will proceed to emancipate all organic matter on the planet. high levels of electromagnetic pulsed radiation will be emitted. upon detecting this blood inside of your mouth you should ingest your cellular activity halting pellet as being subjected to the effects of a hadron collider malfunction will be un-satisfactory. if your cellular activity halting pellet is not on hand, locate your self in close proximity to a high altitude falling hazard and prepare to fling yourself into the void. Pets should be euthanized utilizing a confectionery baking device as they will be phase shifted into a volatilized organic compound and thus will become a burden to you at the space-time juncture in which there is a supermega super critical singularity overload. Neutronfluxlabs apologizes sincerely in the incident that the hadron collider ends all life on earth and this results in data corruption or loss. it in your best interest to begin backing up all things onto rock immediately as the procedure to backup things onto rock is not "speedy" . Be certain you backup your data onto a high density rock as rocks with a lower density will detonate. High density rocks will remain operational up to 4720 degrees Kelvin. Good Luck

The only reference I couldn't get there: what conferionary baking device could be used to euthanase a dog

My only problem is with "degrees Kelvin." Is there such a scale? Is it not the case that the scale is known as the Kelvin and that the Celcuis scale are degrees of Kelvin?

What do you mean "nobody likes a smart-ass"?

the "big" part of it is gonna happen in october, so yeah, you can get out for now :)

yep, we got a bit over a month till the real fun starts, this was just making sure the engine cranked over and started...



and for the halflife fans


<opens eyes and crawls out of bunker> Is it safe yet?