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Can anyone recommend where I can get Tupperware containers online? See, I'm working on a couple robot projects, and I was hoping to use a simple tupperware container as the robot chasis.

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Complete with M&M tube motor holder, check out David Cooks Sandwich robots
uhm i think they are too flexible to make a solid robot.. I would go for something else instead. I'm using syntetic glass, but if you're not into sawing, you could use some other kind of plastic containers. I have some generic containers for small parts (ie nuts and bolts or such) purchased at an hardware store for a couple of euros, and they're quite strong. I can post a picture if needed :)

Tupperware is FANTASTIC for keeping your groceries fresh, and cost 3-10 times as much as the competition. So if you're not in desperate need to keep your guacamole green, go for another cheap brand.

Looking in any $0.99 store, they always have some sort of plastic food containers. Typing "plastic food containers" into Ebay lots of hits, many of them for IKEA stuff, so maybe Ikea is worth a look.

My favorites at tne moment at small white boxes used by farmacies to ship bottles of injection fluid in. Every time I'm in a farmacy or a doctors office (having an allergic kid adds to the frequency) I ask for them. Usually the whitecoats aren't to eager about giving it away, but when I explain that I need it to keep some order in all my robot parts, they realize that I'm a harmless nerd and give me plenty.

They come in different sizes, but the smallest ones fits 13 AA batteries stacked tight. 

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Get Gladware its thinner but 10 times cheaper. You can get them at any grocery store. If it is too flimsy stack 2 together.