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Cheap Servvos

Can anyone recommend a website where a servo is inexpensive?

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Dealextreme (Dealextreme.com) also sells these kind of servo's.


I've seen a UK company that sells Acoms servos for about four quid each, in quantities of ten or more (I'll find the URL).  Now, does anyone know if the Acoms AS16 and AS17 servos are any good?  And what's the difference between them?


Those are the ones I mostly use. They aren't massively torqey and have plastic gears. They can be easily modded for continuous rotation and they can draw 500mA at stall.

Have you run into ones which are hard to mod into continuous? And is drawing 500mA at a stall a good or bad point?

Hobbico CS-60s and CS-61s have the pot shaft holding the gears in place, so would pose some difficulties. I've heard of some others that have only a partial output gear (teeth only around half) that won't be modified, but can't remember which brand/model. A good shop that actually will tell you about which ones can be modified, is http://servocity.com that has Hitec and Futaba servos, and some very interesting robot parts too.
Epic find! Thanks dude!