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Vmusic2 and a Great Company

I will get a walk-through up soon on this one but for now, I have to give some love to some great guys who actually care about customer service...

I just finished Walter's new voice via a Vmusic2 unit from our friends from FTDI Chip.  To say I had problems would be an understatement. I fought this thing for a week trying to get it to simply play a file. I made a call to tech support and left a (somewhat snarky) message. To my amazement, 20 minutes later I get a call back! We went though some diagnostics and tests and still didn't get it working. This continued into 4 or 5 more calls and then about 15 emails back and forth. Finally, they asked for me to send the unit back to them to be repaired and tested. --Not the seller, mind you, but the actual company that soldered the thing together in the first place. They tested it and got it back to me in a week.

Now, in the end, I'm an idiot... I was lableing the music files as "filename.mp3". Well, they were allready sorta .mp3 files so when the Vmusic2 got ahold of them, it saw "filename.mp3.mp3". I relabled everything with a simple "filename" and badda-boom-badda-bing, Bob's your uncle.

To say that this company went above and beyond to help me would be an understatement. These guys are just great. Do business with them. Buy thier stuff.

At the end of the story, and cutting to the chase, I really wanted a sticker from them for the back of my lappy. I emailed them with the request. I got a reply saying that they don't really have any stickers but they would send me a product sticker and I could cut out the logo. You know what a company that gives enough of a damn to send a silly sticker to some guy looks like?

They look like this:

They actually sent it.

In terms of the unit, I will have a post up about it soon but for now, it is just awesome! Simple serial commands, good serial responses. Plays files with no delay almost as fast as you can send commands. Volume control is via code as well. On top of all this, data can also be read and written to the thumb drive as well. EEPROMS? Who needs EEPROMS when you have gigs of mem stick available?

One fine product.

One fine Company.