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Wireless Communication


I'm trying to create a application with processing to let two computers communicate without using the internet.

But I'm not being well succeeded using Bluetooth. 



What I want to do is to control this robot. It has two picaxes 28x1 connected to the computer via two USB cables (On ports COM11 and COM5). 

I can control the microcontrollers via the processing application attached using the keyboard.


I use to control the robot remotely using the Remote Assistance which needs a internet connection. 

 But I would like to be able to control him in places where there is no Internet..




Do you know other easier to make the communication??



PS: I'm using Windows XP on both computers.

TheIndiscreetSpy_v1.zip314.97 KB

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It is as if you just connected the 2 serial ports of two computers together with actual wire. Your code is exactly what you would do. As a matter of fact, I think I posted the code I used when I did this. Yup, it's here.


I though I would have to use the bluetoothDesktop library.

So, something like this would make the the work?


  btPort = new Serial(this, "COM10", 4800);

  motorsPort = new Serial(this, "COM5", 4800);


   if ( btPort.available() > 0) {  // If data is available,

   b1 = btPort.read();



It seems that you are already sending serial data from computer to picaxe. Is this as simple as finding out the com port for the bluetooth module on each end and just sending data back and forth? You can also go directly from computer to picaxe (and skip the on-board computer) with a bluesmirf unit.

Hi Xico,

I think these guys (and you) are overcomplicating things. From what I saw of your robot, you've actually got a computer built-in as an integral part of it right? So all you want is to be able to communicate with that computer without using the internet. I think the other commenters have taken your post to mean you want to communicate with your robot from a computer - they don't seem to realise you're actually planning on keeping a computer plugged into your picaxe chips.

Anyway, if you want to keep doing it the way you have been (using remote desktop) it's simple. All you need to do is set up a wireless network link between the two machines. I'm pretty sure they'll have 802.11b/g/n wireless built-in (just about everything does these days) so it should just be a question of setting it up. You can definitely do windows remote desktop connections over this kind of link - all you need is the IP address of the destination computer.

You haven't said what operating systems you're running on the computers, so I'll leave it to you to sort out the fine details. But google for "ad-hoc wireless networking windows" (and put "XP" or "Vista" or "7" on the end depending on what version of windows you're running).

You'll notice I've assumed Windows, but if you're using Linux or Mac or any other operating system it will work just the same.



Actually, his post didn't give any indication of comp to robot. It just said computer to computer without internet.....which is why I suggested adding more detail....So it wasn't overcomplicating things, it was responding directly to his question with the most valid info.

Just want to be clear on that.  :)

Well, I've just started using processing last week and I had never programmed C before it.

If it isn't asking too much, could you give me some program examples?

Processing is java. I suggest the examples and looking at the tutorials that the processing.org site can point you to. That would be the best start. If you wan to go beyond, I recommend this book for starting out(it's free). It's a bit dated, but the version of java that processing uses is also dated.

I've just added information to the main post. 

I think you need to give more info as you shouldn't have any issue with comp to comp communication.

you can communicate via serial port as in a direct serial to serial connection. moderate simple/fast

firewire for network moderate simple/fast

LAN ethernet using a switch or router(doesn'thave to be connected to internet). easy simple/fast

Bluetooth can connect via SPP and tcp/ip. moderate simple/fast

So you have a lot of options.

Processing supports both serial and network so you should be fine there as well.

I would go with a lan connection as it's easiest to do and should be fairly simple to set a test up for com on both machines.


I use bluetooth to go from robot to microcontroller. It is not that scary  -really you are just sending serial data. Pretty simple stuff. What exactly do you want to do here? If you just want to send data, why not just email it to yourself.