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Wireless Communication


I'm trying to create a application with processing to let two computers communicate without using the internet.

But I'm not being well succeeded using Bluetooth. 



What I want to do is to control this robot. It has two picaxes 28x1 connected to the computer via two USB cables (On ports COM11 and COM5). 

I can control the microcontrollers via the processing application attached using the keyboard.


I use to control the robot remotely using the Remote Assistance which needs a internet connection. 

 But I would like to be able to control him in places where there is no Internet..




Do you know other easier to make the communication??



PS: I'm using Windows XP on both computers.

TheIndiscreetSpy_v1.zip314.97 KB

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I would like to use it... Have you ever tried to do something like that?


I don't know very much about LAN's...

Do you know if it is possible to use the Windows accessory "Remote Desktop Connection", with computer-to-computer wireless networks? 

Period. It is well worth the learning curve.

You do know about LAN's right?