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Nice and clean cable routing

makes your messy wires more appealing to the eye.

Hi, if you build robot, you most likely have a loads of messy wires going everywhere, well, so do I.

So as a result of me being bored, i decided to start putting a silicon tube around the wires.

Sure, you can use zip ties, in fact, that's what i have been using 'till this day, but from now on i will always use this, looks quite nice in my opinion.

Just do this:


- You will need silicon tubing, normally used in aquariums' air lines to oxygenate the water, i got 2.4metres for 1.70€(cheaper than the net)


- twist your wires, i managed to fit 10 different wires in it.



















Make sure you twist them like this:



















And just put it in(TWSS :D)



















bend if needed.


Drill a hole slightly smaller than the tube, in wherever place you want it to go, and glue it there(large hole is unrelated in this pic)

Here's a useless example just for show:



















In my opinion it looks nicer than a bunch of loose wires, this also helps prevent wires to be pulled, and stop making contact etc, and if you're lucky enough, your tubes will glow brightly under UV light! :D


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Why should it glow under UV light. Is this normal for these kind of tubes?

Some do, not all, i used to have an RC car, and the fuel line tubes in fact did glow, though fuel line tubes aren't as thick, that's why i mentioned aquarium tubes(thicker) :-)

it will glow because it's white :D