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Frets on Fire

Hi guys! i want to introduce to you (some already know about it) this game. It's a guitar hero clone, and for the ones who don't know what it is, well, it is a game in which you have to impersonate a guitarist and play famous songs with your keyboard or "toy" guitar. You basically see various kind of notes (which are basically small dots on the screen) scrolling down towards you and your goal is to get as many as possible.

Kind of hard to explain....why don't you give it a go? :D

Personally i suggest downloading "Alarian" and not the basic version of Frets on Fire (FoF). You can find it here: http://fretsonfire.wikidot.com/ds-alarian-mod

as for the songs (you have to download them) you have to go here: http://fretsonfire.wikidot.com/custom-songs  

(registration is free)

i also suggest downloading guitar hero packs (http://fretsonfire.wikidot.com/packs) as the songs included in those are better than others. Why? Because they won't have any kind of mis-synching, they come in two different tracks(one for the guitar and one for the song without guitar, so basically if you fail to hit the notes, the song will still play but the guitar track won't) and last but not least they come in 4 difficulty levels, whereas most of the other user-made songs come only in Expert.

 That's all :) Try it!  (did i forgot to mention that it is free and open-source?)

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i would not have the time to look into this (at the moment at least).. However, I have to make this irelevant comment;

What is the difference in the pronounciation of "Frits on Fire" & "Frets on Fire"? Not much, and it makes me laugh every time I read it, I am not on fire:D

/ Frits


I also laugh at how it's pronounced since my boss's name is Fred, and it sounds like "Fred's on Fire" :-)

You may like to follow the development of my FoF controller. If anyone's wondering, this is why I've not been turning out too many robots recently.

Captain Tuna, tell me more about what this Alarian mod does for me. My PC was never built for games and it can have trouble keeping up. I see from teh comments that it "thins down" the graphics?

it just changes some skins and add some effects, which you can take off if you want to so you won't really have any problem with it. I guess that if you can run the basic FoF then you can also run Alarian. Other than graphics it also have some cool gameplay fixes. Example: there are those "white notes" which can be strummed without having to press the strum button but only the right colour; you can use the "star power"; you can fail songs etc etc.......

Give it a go, i think it's way better. Remember to get Guitar Hero song packs too (reasons written above :) )

It looks like a whole different program! It's as big as the original program! I prefer the look of the original, but the Alarian version runs much better on my PC.
what level are you playing at the moment?
I'm more interested in building the controller than playing the game. :-)