Let's Make Robots!

preparing robot for robo war

can anyone tell how should i make first robot that could possibly give a fight at ROBOWAR

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I'm not sure it should be called robo war!? it should be radio controlled battle vehicle as they certainly aren't robots.. I think its just something they decided to call it because they couldn't be creative and it wasn't a remote controlled boat, plane,helicopter,plant,car,mayonnaise. I personally wouldn't participate in such a thing . Have you seen what they do to those precious raw materials and chassis that could actually be made into *real* robots... ppffppth.

Do you mean "Robot Wars"? That is remote controlled stuff, not autonomous.

You do not even need a microcontroller, you will just have to learn how to make your own RC car, and then make it in Iron :) Add an axe as well :D

Your too fast fritsl....
That is also what she told me yesterday!

Whats funny is that way over in denmark you just said "That is also what she told me yesterday!"

which is basically the same thing we do here in the states

Guy 1: "Slam it hard" 

Guy 2: "Thats what she said"

the world is a very small place.


We invented it! In Denmark it has been funny for 20 years, non stop!
Do you have any robot building experience? If no then start small, blinking LED, get a motor turning etc. If you are experienced then I doubt you would be asking this question ;)