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Welding Aluminum

Well folks I bought something I saw on TV...


This is for anyone needing to weld aluminum and I am sure this problem will come up for one of us eventually so I thought I would add a post about it. I am a welder, amongst other things, and I can MIG and TIG weld aluminum, however I don't own a TIG and my MIG requires a new sleeve and a different shielding gas to switch to aluminum (around $250). I am in the middle of a project where I am modifying some tool boxes to fit the bed of my truck and I came across this stuff called "Dura-Fix". To my utter amazement it worked as good or better than the comercial!!!

Here's the deal, these are simple welding rods (like the kind you torch-weld with) but they melt at only 750 degrees F. At that temp you can actually weld with a propane torch! I swear you can use these things blindfolded. You just heat the metal up and rub the stick around -no flux. I did my first tests with 1/8" aluminum and a MAPP gas torch and again, everything they said these would do, they did. I have also tried it on copper with great results (they work on all non-ferris metals).

So that's it, just a quick tip for anyone needing to stick stuff together who doesn't have 1500 bucks for a welder. The link is www.durafix.com  and 1 lbs  is about 45 bucks. Damn good stuff and no flux either!



I think they may be making a glue-gun version soon...

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Need I say more then you are awesome


CTP: "I think they may be making a glue-gun version soon..."

Well - that would be ace! And actually a problem with the glue gun glue is that it will not stick to aluminum!

Looks cool, I think it is GREAT that you shared it, now I know if I ever come in the need :)


so is this some kind of fancy brazing rod? (if it says it in the video, sorry, i dont have speakers st the moment)

looks sweet though, going to have to see what postage is like to australia...

Do you mean oxy/ace torch?

Maybe hydrogen/oxygen?

...or are you sooo cool that you actually own one of those super-cool HHO torches? --The one with the water being turned into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolisis? 

Ohhh, I gotta know!

I am Certainly that kind of cool. Its a 16 plate cell ran off of a Converted CPU Powersupply then into a PWM. a Flashback arrestor is in the supply line thus leading to a magical Torch tip I procured. HHO and HydroxyGas is my main area of experimentation. I Make Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancers that enable people to make there own hydrogen hyrbids.  that's what my business does.

I've got a MAPP Gas Torch and canister of gas right here.. had it laying around already I think I salvaged it when mother was getting things ready for a yard sale.. she made glass beads out of colored glass rods.. I would use my HydroxyGas Torch but um... that would cut through the aluminum like a electric butter knife through water.

But its GREAT that you mentioned that here for the others ;)


Hey Neutron,

I stand by what I said above but didn't state the obvious (and the drawback)... There is a little pre-heating involved. What I am saying is that if you think you are going to heat up a 3/4" thick piece of aluminum with a regular propane torch, it's going to take an hour. When you get your rods be sure you are using MAPP gas or at least a "turbo" tip for your propane torch. The 1/8" plate I was playing with took about 2 minutes to heat with MAPP, I would assume propane would take about 3 or 4 minutes. Other than that, and the patientce involved, this stuff is the bee's-knees. Bottom line: when you get your rods and they don't work, it ain't hot enough yet. That's it. 

hmmm so I can use that propane torch for more than just creme brule now!!

That actuallly looks pretty cool....I'm tempted to grab some of that stuff... 

Bought some.
in the video it looks extremely easy to use :) if i move one step further and go on with aluminum or metal structure i'll keep this in mind