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header pins/wires/jumpers

Hi All,

Where is a good place to get picaxe-friendly wires? By picaxe-friendly, I mean wires with female ends that i can just stick on the pins.

Do they make wires with a female on one end and a male on the other? what about male on both ends?

And what about the little jumpers used to short-curcuit pins on the board (like the one connecting v1 and v2 on the 28x board)? 

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I had a problem finding cables that fit at first.

I found that the sort of cables that connect CD drives to soundcards in computers work nicely ;)

had a few of them around, so that's what I started out with. They're quite long so you can cut them in half and get two.

Some computer fans have 2-pin female connectors that work too. Found one of those inside a PSU, so if you have a few of those around you could check there. PSU's  can carry quite a bit of charge even after not being used for some time so watch it.

my scavenging days are over now though. servo cables for radio controlled stuff work fine and look much nicer. Cost a bit more but it's worth it.


Always first check out the components and the tips & walkthrough sections - that is why they are there ;)

http://letsmakerobots.com/view/components/list -> http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1191

For some reason the link to the shop you mention in the  component info doesn't work(well...at the moment at least).

Here is a thought, what about comming up with a list that contains various categories and links to items in that category like so:

 jumper wires

link to shop A

link to shop B

motor controllers

link to shop A

link to shop B

more cool robot stuff 

link to shop C 

To put it short; Anybody can edit the components, feel free to enter and edit if you have some content that should be in there.

I know this is not 100% what you asked for, but the result will be the same, so please go ahead :)

But why would I do that when I can just ask a question and get 5 replies ASAP?

You're right, though. Everything I was looking for is right there. thx

Q: "But why would I do that when..?"

A: Because then all the comments / 5 replies in here would be at the right place for the next to look for the same :)

why not making your own? It's much more fun :) Just get some shrinking plastic and a crimper!

and for the male-male connection you can just use solid wire with stripped ends, or if you know how to do it well, you can tin the stripped ends of stranded wire.


sparkfun has some wires that could be useful. 




I would recommend the dip sockets as well so you don't ruin the pics pins.