Let's Make Robots!


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This is my first robot. He moves with 12 servo motors.

currently it has no sensors, but i intend to put them on him.

He can carry a small amount of cargo in his tank.

Forgive me because of the small text, I still learn English

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Great job man... looking nice ;-) Can you just tell me that how r u controlling those servos? by pwm or simple delay pulses?

in Atmega16 in which ports did u connect it and can u just help me roughly with the circuit it would be gr8 help 


Wow thats amazing! I just looked up the chip, and notice it have 32 I/0! Wonder if there a way to get this to work with the Arduino IDE.  Great work man, can't wait to see more.

i think that is not possible because atmega 16 is wider than atmega 8 or similar. I program this microcontroler with stk 300/500 programer and bascomAVR program. It is very simple...

The atmega16 wouldn`t fit in an Arduino board but you could still port the bootloader to the atmega16 and then program it using the Arduino IDE if you wanted to.

Have a look at the sanguino for inspiration.