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battle robot

for robot batle

insidewiringconstructionthis is my batle robot, i made it from old car parts. This robot has not cost me anything. Unfortunately I do not have it anymore, I gave it away. Later I'll put more pictures...

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I really don't know it this post contributes anything. One grainy picture and no follow-up information. Also, "robot"...

It might just be me, but I have a fairly big pet-peeve about "battle bots" and robots. When I tell people that I build robots, I routinely get a response of "Oh, like battle bots" --To which I respond, no and that there is no comparison. While there is some quality and interesting construction of these machines, they are not robots. They are remote control cars. I have not spent most of the last 2 years writing, testing and rewriting code to be compared to a friggin' remote control car. Nor has anyone else here. Big face has designed a beautiful system to control a "bio-esk" arm. Pat's been working on his chess bot for ever. Odd's got his compound eye. We have spent weeks talking about and debating tons of programming issues around here. Hell, even the RC robots around here are done by sending serial data and having an onboard pic control the motors.

This is not my only robot project... I to build other type of robots... yesterday i put a picture and movie about my other robot... Curently i plan to make a robotic hand with air "muscles"... 

Sorry if I offended anyone, i am a new on this site and I just wanted to show my previus work...

Chris, this may not be to your liking, but it still is a robot. However I do agree with you about the R/C car thing. I'm really not a fan of "Rambots." However I do like mass distruction. My favorite though is autonamous combat. Maybe madhead could make an autonamous combat robot.

I would also like that the robot is autonomous but is prohibited by the rules for saefty reasons. This robot is no longer there I gave him and he is disasembled and from it is created an autonomous robot for collecting cargo.


I was once told that if your robot can't be thrown off your garage roof and survive, that it wouldn't last in battle. I don't think they mean't throw, probably more like push. They usually way a few hundred pounds. I think the term "robot" is open to interpretation. I don't consider combat robots to be robots, because they are not autonomous. At the same time I don't wan't to argue because that is just being picky. I keep my mouth shut unless someone starts the argument. By simple definition "robot" actually just means slave. Kind of odd if you ask me cause I like to make robots that explore their environment. I do love robo-combat though, probably the most expensive hobby there is. Thousands of dollars in damage can be dealt in one blow. I don't think any of this post makes any sense. It is now 11:46PM, I have no attention span, and I should be asleep. By the way, nice chicken Chris.


End of line

Anyways, nice robot. I like the drivetrain.