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Dividing a word into bytes on Picaxe?

Can anyone remember how the heck a word variable is split into individual bytes on Picaxe?

Say I have the word 2234, and I want it to be transfarred serial as 2,2,3,4 .. how?

(I know I have seen this somewhere sometime, just cannot figure out where, and I am going nuts now!)


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Isn't something like this?

BINTOASCII range, b1,b2,b3

Aaaaah yes!!

BINTOASCII.. That's the one I was looking for.

Thanks a lot XicoMBD!!


You're welcome!

I've used it a couple weeks ago to make distance debug on an LCD and then on a processing aplication.


What are you planning to do? Can you tell us? :)

I am playing around with a dancing robot. It listens to music, and dances to it. I hope :)

On the side it is going to have a 4*7 LED display, showing how groovy it feels :) And I have Groovy in a word, needed it to come to flashy numbers!

More on the project soon on it's own page :)


Hey, I am really looking forward to see the result.

Well, you can look out and help me ;)

I can see you are from Copenhagen, I sit on Amager.