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More powerful oxyhydrogen cannon

I have started to build a more powerful oxyhydrogen cannon for my second mosquito rover prototype, something similar like Estes Hydrogen Fuel Rocket:

The igniter of the Estes Hydrogen Fuel Rocket is simply a nichrome wire, but I want to continue to ignite the oxyhydrogen via spark. The spark generator I have used for the mosquito rover was a HV PCB from a bug zapper and it works not very reliable, so I designed a new one with a certain flash over at a spark gap of 1 mm:

The circuit is very similar to the voltage multiplier of my Geiger counter design, but without voltage regulation and with one Villard cascade more, able to produce about 2 kV (see attachment).

How to get perfect graphite electrodes by dismantling an AA alkali battery (No NiCd or Li-Ion battery!):

Keep the manganese dioxide and zinc casing, you can make interesting chemical experiments with it.


Spark_generator_circuit_diagram1.JPG125.24 KB