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Promising Wheel and Track set for bigger, more robust robots

I had an idea for an outdoor ROV and decided that a tracked vehicle would be best suited for the job.  It would need a track set much more robust than the little Tamiya set, but I wouldn't want to drop big bucks on tracks and the YDR tracks couldn't handle wet grass.  I found these.  They look promising for outdoor projects or even just a larger project that might be a bit heavy for the Tamiya tracks.  When assembled the track base would be a bit under a foot long.  This makes way for the use of better, hobby quality motor/gearbox sets and bigger battery packs for longer run times.  And at under $30 US (before shipping) you probably won't beat the price.

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Chris the Carpenter has some (good) experience withthe products from http://www.vexrobotics.com ! Just FYI :)

They are available. Unfortunately, the money needed to purchase sets of that quality often isnt :)

However, I don't believe any of the projects on this site have a real need for a suspension system.  None of them have the weight/speed combination that would benefit from a suspension setup.  I do know how to convert the tamiya track and wheel set to a full suspension.  If enough people are interested I might be convinced to do a writeup.  (writeup only, I don't have a track set to demonstrate with)


Looks like a Tank Tracked Vehicle with Suspension and a nice enclosure big enough for a Pic and a motor controler... the lid you see open in the picture and is shut making a tight dust proof box and is closed With 4 screwed.. used to have the radio receiver inside.

DSC02923.jpg OMG It comes With Gear Motors Big Beefy ones and it has a selectable high and low transmission1!!!1111oneoneexclamation point..

where would you find such a thing and for how much!?!?!

well i got it for free .. actually it was a remote controlled car i had when i was very young its a machine  that's about 16 years old. its a traxxas fast traxx

This guy is resonable .. 30 bucks


This guy is absolutely freaking NUTS and he can keep it..



Enjoy the new Chassis source.. BTW this will be the chassis that i'm making my olypic challenger on and then there after a YDM.. Frits.. be prepared for me to bug you/workout donation for Non-disclosure code share ;)


Mount the axles looser and put a spring on each axle pushing it downward with enough force to push it down but not keep it down. I would imagine the parts to convert it would be minimal, but consume an hour or two of time.
don't know but i haven't seen tank threads with suspension system. Proper kits should have suspension in my opinion, that's a plays a big role in real tank threads and i don't see why they shouldn't also use them for robotics.
Not yet.  I am building this bot in stages.  I have a good bit of experience with the mechanical components and circuits but not programming the picaxe itself so I'm starting with the picaxe board and circuits.  After I get them set up as I like I will move on to the chassis and drivetrain.   It also makes me spread the expenses out :)  First shipment of parts should arrive today.
have you ordered them? i'm looking forward to see in action :)

I bought from them once. They ship fairly quickly. I think my order was out the door the next day or the day after. I would order from them again.

 On the other hand you could use the tracks YDM used, but adapt them for outdoor use. A small layer of hot glue or some rubbery material would make them grip better. Of course I hate buying new items (well I like getting them I just hate spending the cash) so I try to reuse items when possible.

For the heavy-duty kind of tracks, you can check out http://www.rctankcombat.com/articles/track-systems/ for ideas