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about posting robot designs..

    Hey guys quick question regarding designing robots.. If I built a robot based off of a commercial one, would I get in any trouble for putting it up on here?

     Basically I wanted to build a robotic lawnmower and so when searching for information I came accross the RoboCut model.. I felt it would be easiest for me to replicated the design of that one. I would like to put it up here to track progress and possibly ask for help with certain things but didn't know if them or someone would complain..

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Just make sure you mention you are building from a kit or modifying an exisiting machine. You just did, so I guess you are not very secretive about it. Welcome to the club.

  Thanks for the info.. I appreciate it.. I love this site its a great place to share and show some very interesting designs so whoever runs it kudos to you.. great job..

Also, make sure you add beeps (sound) to all your projects. What would the R2D2 be without it? Yes. let's see it......