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BubbleBoy v1


This is my emotional robot, BubbleBoy. Briefly, BubbleBoy was created to demonstrate emotions and their applications in robotics. BubbleBoy has a food and water level, and when averaged out, a health level. The mood is determined by the health level. There are 10 moods, each of which BubbleBoy has a little ‘action set’ with. This is to try to get more food! After the ‘action set’ is over, you can feed it or give it water. When the food/water button is pressed, it increases the food/water level by a random int in between a lower bound and upper bound. Also, when BubbleBoy finishes three ‘action sets’, it becomes more hungry and thirsty - thereby decreasing the food/water levels. So, BubbleBoy is similar to a ‘tamigotchi’. It was fun to make- BB has 2 servos, 2 DC motors, 2 buttons, 4 LEDs, 1 LDR, and 1 LCD. All of these are controlled by the Arduino board.




Here are pictures of the food and water buttons:

img_3061.thumbnail.JPG ~ img_3060.thumbnail.JPG


Here's the LCD that displays the Mood, Health, Food level and Water level:



Here's a picture of BubbleBoy's Hula Ring! This can actually jiggle around



The source is open, so you can download it here. :)


Here's the circuit diagram:



 If you want to see more pictures of BubbleBoy, check out my site :D

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What is an EPGY study?

As seen in the title, this is a finished 'version 1'. The second version will have expectations.I'm not sure if I'll be making more BubbleBoys... maybe if people are interested- but I'd like to keep continuing on different projects :)

 I think pink > blue ;) Haha

 Thanks! :)

i love the robot, you should make it so his hips make contact with the hula hoop, so it looks like he really is hula hooping

Ohh! That's a neat idea! :) If I do it again, I'll do that!

Thanks! :)

Looks like Keepons flashier dressed sibling. At least they both appear to be musically inclined Pretty fun project, hope you have even more coming.
Thanks! :)

Hey Dude, thanks for sharing on LMR!

I think your thoughts are cool - there is not a lot of thinking emotions into homemade robots!

I also think that "emotions" should be 2 things; A) Some levels in the code, and that seams to be done quite well on your project. B) Some way of showing the emotions.. and that is quite hard for me to tell on the video; What I mostly see is a spinning hat! And from what evolution has put into me to read (such as a smile, facial expressions, hair raising, arms, body movements etc) I have a hard time reading the emotions on a spinning hat!

I think you want to look at moving the eyes, or add some other "emotional expressions" that every kid will look at and say "Hey now it is happy / sad / surprised"

Perhaps have a look at things like these for inspiration:


Anyway; Nice to see a PINK robot!! :D And cool how much work you have put into all the finalizing, really inspiring, thanks for sharing!

(And looking forward to what comes next :)

Thanks! :)

BubbleBoy doesn't really need a mouth or eyebrows as it expresses its emotions in its action set. So, the 'hypertastic' mood has an action set that includes servos moving really quickly- simulating a 'twitching' action (which often happens if you are hyper as you probably had too much sugar haha). It also spins its hat and vibrates the hularing ;) When it approaches 'dead',  it becomes slower and rather uninteresting, a simple bob here and there.

If you watch the videos, you'll see it in action :D

Thanks! :D


Nice project although the name reminds me of that sick kid in the movie "The Cider House Rules" that had some lung issues - I think they called him bubble boy as well :-).

Anyway I agree with Frits on that BubbleBoy doesn't show any obvious signs of emotion - you know the ones we as humans normally look for. I realise that you have defined his emotions as being happy when the hat is spinning and all that but you if you put BubbleBoy in front of anyone who doesn't know your definition of mood then they will probably have a hard time understanding his emotions whereas a smiling mouth would be instantly recognised. Those dead eyes don't do him any good either. I think it would help a lot if they could "look around" - or maybe even blink.

Looking forward to seeing more bubbles :-)



Ha, contrary to what you said... everyone I have shown it to has recognized when it's happy or when it's sad. You can't see it as well in the videos I took. :P

I don't understand how you consider googly eyes 'dead' ... but whatever. :P

If I saw a guy twitching around like your BubbleBoy does I would think that he was either on a serious trip or was having a seizure. I would never deduce that he was happy :-). But if your friends perceive it correctly then maybe it's just because it doesn't come across so well in the video like you said.

From the videos I can't see the eyes moving or anything... they seem to be inanimate, lifeless, dead or whatever you would call it. They still look cute though :-). Do the eyes move?