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BubbleBoy v1


This is my emotional robot, BubbleBoy. Briefly, BubbleBoy was created to demonstrate emotions and their applications in robotics. BubbleBoy has a food and water level, and when averaged out, a health level. The mood is determined by the health level. There are 10 moods, each of which BubbleBoy has a little ‘action set’ with. This is to try to get more food! After the ‘action set’ is over, you can feed it or give it water. When the food/water button is pressed, it increases the food/water level by a random int in between a lower bound and upper bound. Also, when BubbleBoy finishes three ‘action sets’, it becomes more hungry and thirsty - thereby decreasing the food/water levels. So, BubbleBoy is similar to a ‘tamigotchi’. It was fun to make- BB has 2 servos, 2 DC motors, 2 buttons, 4 LEDs, 1 LDR, and 1 LCD. All of these are controlled by the Arduino board.




Here are pictures of the food and water buttons:

img_3061.thumbnail.JPG ~ img_3060.thumbnail.JPG


Here's the LCD that displays the Mood, Health, Food level and Water level:



Here's a picture of BubbleBoy's Hula Ring! This can actually jiggle around



The source is open, so you can download it here. :)


Here's the circuit diagram:



 If you want to see more pictures of BubbleBoy, check out my site :D

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(I am not sure that I did mention that I think your work is quite original :) A robot that will be remembered!
Thanks!! :)