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Entry in the toy car contest

Drives around, looks for bright light, goes to the side that is brightest

Well folks,

Here is not only my first picaxe project that sorta worked but also my entry in the toy car contest. I have no idea what the car used to be but it is actually still remote controlled! I found it was easier to hack the remote rather than the car itself. I am using an 18x in an axe090 board and a darlington driver to talk to the old remote. The "drive tword the light" code could use a little work but the concept is sound. I think I have a side-job sold so a ping sensor and the IR remote should be in my future -maybe even a proper base and tracks, etc. I think this is a good first step, I am learning more each night and mad thanks to fritz for all the wonderful code. More to come soon!



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Instead of changing the car, set a Microcontroller to control the remote.. And place the remote on the car!

Cool :)

  • If you have a LEGO Dirt Crusher that cannot easily be opened / altered; Just gently open and hack the remote.
  • If you have an RC that is driven on petrol, it can be hard to hack that with a Microcontroller - Hack the remote!
For more standard RC's it is actually possible to buy extra remotes or use "all-around-remotes" - and these can also be hacked, and so you can keep your vehicle intact :)

.. And if you place solar-cells on your robot, and place it on a East / West - road, the guy will chase the sun till the end of the road (or day) ;)

Thanks for sharing!

/ Frits