Let's Make Robots!

my 1st robot

100_1069.JPG This is my first attempt at creating a robot, inspired by Fritz's start here robot!

I don't have a name for it yet :(

I stumbled upon this sight, & got quite inspired by Fritz, & many others here.

As of this time, there is no hot glue or sticky tape holding it together (sorry Fritz) :D

Under the hood is the Tamiya  70168 double gearbox set at 344.2:1, driving the Tamiya track & wheel set.100_1066.JPG

The brain is the Picaxe 28X1 ,

motor driver, L293

ultra sonic range finder SRF05,100_1067.JPG

various stuff from the home center, & junk box :D100_1068.JPG

All the parts you guys have proved work well!

Now I just have to learn how to program this little critter to do some kool stuff

This a great online community , nice mix of left, right, & brains in here :D (more right here)



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I wish all my bots where all as well finished off as this.

Most impressed by the thoughtfull layout or internals and the matching body colour and sonar plate.

extra point for the wire-wrapping .....

The lifting chassis is real cool - just like lifting the hood off a lambourgin.

How do you stir this left right
cool chassis! did you painted the tamiya sprokets and wheel? They looks MUCH better in that color :)
i agree :D what colors are you using?
it's rustoleum flat nickel, from the local home center :)
Thats a nice chasis, was it designed for bots or did you just throw it all together?

it's just thrown together :D

it's mostly a section cut from an aluminum housing from a factory car amp module, & angle stock from the home center.

I still have a enough housing to make it a bigger brother :) 

Dude, that's not a bad idea, gives it a pretty good finished look. Not sure I have any way to cut something that size down a bit, but I think I might have an amp somewhere to try out.

Ya gotta get some videos up now, time to see it roaming around.

I noticed the cooling fins and wondered about those...nice use of an amp....maybe that dead kenwood I have could be put to some good use after all! :)

all you have to do is remove the parts that don't look like a robot & add parts that do :)

I used a sawsall for the heavy work & a dremal for the so called finer work (paint works wonders too)