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Looking for ideas for RAD 2.0

Yesterday I picked up a RAD 2.0 robot toy from craigslist for $5. What a steal! Everything works fine, even the old battery seems OK.

This guy stands about 19 inches high and is pretty darn cool. Here's a few of his stock features:

  • Articulated arms (shoulders only) open/close for a two-arm gripper
  • Articulated waist to bend up/down so he can grab/lift stuff
  • Annoyingly loud voice that comments whenever you open/close the arms or move the waist up/down
  • Fires three foam missles in a rotating chest mounted Gattling gun via remote (this is really cool)
  • Transmits your voice via a mic on the remote control
  • Hi and low speed switch mechanically changes gearing

There are a few examples of people hacking or otherwise having fun with this toy, including at least one on LMR. There's lots of room inside for additional electronics, sensors, batteries, etc.

Now that I have seen what RAD 2.0 can do out of the box, and reviewed several examples of mods on the 'Net, I'm interested in gathering some ideas. I ask, 'What Would LMR Do?' (WWLD?)

Some basic ideas:

  • Sonar or IR sensor(s) mounted behind eye lenses
  • IR or pressure sensors for hands to detect objects
  • Multicolor LEDs to replace stock ones with PWM for color/intensity changes
  • Upgrade the (very crappy) speaker
  • Modify head to allow it to swivel
  • Tilt sensor for body to adjust waist up/down so that it maintains level over inclines/declines
  • Upgrade 6V/700mAh battery
  • Servo control for hi/low gear
  • Wireless camera

So, what are your ideas? WWLD?


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Once you figure out what your gonna do with yours,

let me know so I can do something with mine!  -lol



Btw, mine works REAL good at collecting dust!

Well, your ideas are already good. But I got one too...

I would try to modify that rocket launcher to shoot throwies out - lets say as a breadcrumb to find his way back using them as beacons ;-)

I actually like that idea.  Only problem with it is I hear the darts are usually the first things to be lost.

I'm down to 2 out of 3. ; j

They actually turn up on ebay quite often.  I got one last week for $16 and small change.  It wasn't labled as a Rad 2.0 and I might have gotten it for the $6 it was originally posted at. But doncha know Hackaday just HAD to post that article the same day of my bid.

According to the tracks guy, the motors are relatively low current.  Finally a use for that 293 based motor controller board I bought a couple years ago.  Assuming those current claims are true.

take a closer look, this one is being sold for $199 + postage...

I'm a little surprised no one had anything to say about this post.  Did you ever get anywhere with it?  There's a guy on ebay selling robot tracks he apparently recycles from old Rad robots.

Did you happen to see this on Hackaday last week?

I did see that post, and it makes me think of digging this project out again. 

My son still plays with it as it is now, so I haven't ripped it apart yet.