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Blindman`s stick

Blindman`s stick navigate vie ultrasound

Hi guys,

One day I went to work and had an idea. I wanted to get rich. My Idea was that: I´m building a blindmas stick. I wanted patented this idea, but I was too slow, because it has already been patented. Still, I wanted to build it. And there can you see it.

There is my Picaxe 28 at a Box from Polymorpf.

Ther can you see:

- a switch

- one LED and

- contacts for loading (+ and - 6V)

And there is the hooter.

There inside is one motor with unbalance for vibra.

And there are my glasses. They are covered with adhesive tape.

And now complete 


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But how the blind man will see the diode and recognize that the device is 'on' ?

You're right. I did not think about it. This is only for me :).

This is a nice idea even you are too late :)

but...ahh...I would replace the LED...by a buzzer or something similar :)

The LED is only for signal. I have to see when it is "on".

I used: a buzzer for signal "distance to wall" and one motor for signal "distance to earth".