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Mystery Object Time again

Yes its that time again...........Mystery object to be identified

What is it and how will it be used ?  (wild guesses also encouraged).

Only clue is that its for my latest Picaxe project (would you believe), and promises to be a cool addition ..... when its programmed..

Ok..... i could not wait to post some Video of Basic System

Part 1  (None Stream Link1) Video shows basic example of it working - The working version will have the Wiimote mounted on the ceiling looking down onto the floor.

Part 2 (None Stream Link2) Video shows what i eventually intend to do with the information gathered (Robotic ArtWork ala Picaxe (codename Picaxxo(Picasso)))

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Amazing Gareth. The IR pen is fantastic. In fact I have recently been looking at drawing tablets to use for quickly sketching ideas onto the PC.

One suggestion I have for the pen.. I can imagine clicking the button every time you want a point registered as being painful on the finger, or you might click it prematurely and get a slight parallax error involved. What about making the LED slightly spring loaded out of the pen, such that touching the screen depresses the LED into the pen ever so slightly causing it to light.

On another note: have you seen how cheap these are? I wonder if they really are genuine wii parts..

All the Credit goes to work pioneered by http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/ .

This guy is on a track way behond most - http://www.youtube.com/user/jcl5m#p/u/16/liMcMmaewig

"Wii Camera only "  This would be a direction i would like to eventually follow ......time does not permit at present :-(

(thanks for the link - the write up indicates that they are from returned product OEM.... for that prise it would not matter is only one of the three would work.........you would still profit :-)

Yes the touch pen ....... i dont as a rule like fingerprints on my screen (my wifes make-up brush is the closest anything get to my screen - for dust removal :-) - however maybe a finger glove with IR on tip - when you bend finger slightly a contact could be made.....

You have done it again Gareth. Very cool.

In video1, what's the occasional extra yellow crosshair that flashes? Reflection? Ambient IR? Accidental stylus button pokes?

Love the name Picaxxo. I LOL-ed even. Then in my mind I heard Beavis saying "pick yer own axxo".

After Picaxxo is done you could attach a tattoo gun to it and see if you can get people to really commit to some robotic artwork. (admittedly not an original idea)

As i have removed the IR filter off the front of the Wiiremote (still have to complete moooo project) it does pick up stray reflections and ambient light as you guessed.

The software will pick up 4 IR dots (i should kill it in software but i seem not to affect the performance as yet......)

Re:- Tattoo gun - yes its up the the job (after seeing the video version 4 sure - ooowwww it made me cringe )

Hmm... I think you are only using the IR LEDs as you said this the TX unit and that only half of the QRD thingies are wired. You also said the shape is important. I suspect this is basically an IR arrow head. If you had it mounted on a robot and a camera was used as the receiver (eg. mounted on a light fitting on the ceiling) then the camera would not only be able to locate your robot but also tell from the arrow head which direction the robot was facing.

I'm guessing the use of QRD thingies is a red herring and that they were used because they are what you had lying about at the time.

Either that or I'm completely wrong and should go back to making robots that wrestle chairs and climb walls.

As you have rightly noticed - the QRD1114s were the first and only IR sourse to hand, and i only use the IR led part.

The TX stage uses only one half - however the emitter stage could be used as an ambient  light level input (maybe! not sure of range though).

The system can be placed anywhere in the room but has to be as high up as possible.....it only needs to see the floor area that your bot scourages around.

What i would need are some Super Bright IR leds - would you have any clue or leads where i could purchase ? (as i know you have researched IRs to great depths).

I'll send you some of the ones I use for the IR compound eye along with the datasheet. They are the same wavelength as the QRD thingies (940nm) and can handle 50mA continuous.

I am not sure what the refresh rate is with your Wii sensor but if you were to pulse these LEDs at their maximum rating of 1A for 100uS every 10mS then I suspect you would get quite a big increase in the range.


Okay, time for Rudolph's real guess;

A localization system which can provide relative location to the beacon as well as basic cardinal direction (the latter assuming the TX unit is properly aligned at installation)?

I'm picturing multiple TX units, one mounted to the ceiling in every room of the house, and a single RX attached to the robot.

Yes correct with relative location and cardinal direction.

Although the Tx unit is just the IR triangle on the bot - the Rx station is a Wii IR camera (or maybe any camera assuming the JPG stream can be decoded)

Calibration is really quite erhmmmm quite simple :-

Fix Wii to look at floor area and beam the picture to PC via bluetooth :-

Software asks for the top left screen calibration point - all you do then is locate on the floor your upper left extream corner and flash an IR signal PC stores this xy coord........... then sofware asks for top right (you flash an IR signal top right extream corner on floor) ...pc stores and then the same for bottom left and right ...........(then it can work out the working live area)

........the cool thing about this is that the camera can be at any angle an position provided it can see the whole floor area. (ie camera perspective errors are "Ironed out by software".....Neato...... check here for details http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/ (this guy is amazing)