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Mystery Object Time again

Yes its that time again...........Mystery object to be identified

What is it and how will it be used ?  (wild guesses also encouraged).

Only clue is that its for my latest Picaxe project (would you believe), and promises to be a cool addition ..... when its programmed..

Ok..... i could not wait to post some Video of Basic System

Part 1  (None Stream Link1) Video shows basic example of it working - The working version will have the Wiimote mounted on the ceiling looking down onto the floor.

Part 2 (None Stream Link2) Video shows what i eventually intend to do with the information gathered (Robotic ArtWork ala Picaxe (codename Picaxxo(Picasso)))

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Hey thats what I said! I just used less big words ;)


Don`t worry, we can both share the glory when we inevitably win!

Low cost Wii-like IR tracking and orientation device.

Yes you have "sussed" it ezekiel181

I have found a way where using 3 ir leds arranged in an arrow head - and an overhead Wii remote overwatching the "Arena" or floor space - the position and orientation of a robot can be calculated and transmitted via Bluetooth to a central processing unit.

The system works though i have not finalised the presentation -  this will take a few day before i can video.

only half your top qrd is wired. looks to be the detector thats wired and you seem to have 2 emitters am i right?


Yes well spotted the top qrd is only half wired the other half is floating - (or flying as rudolph would say)

Oh..... and the bottom 2 are floating too.... mystery deepens (are they a red herring)

Hmm. I see two color traces on the display, and three QRDs. Are two of the sensor inputs going to compare to the third?

Give us a hint... are you planning to use analog inputs?

The display is the aftermath(s) of 3 red spots moving around the screen  (arrowhead ..dot to dot)  (green dot is the center of the three red dots)

No analog inputs are used - what you see is TX unit - the RX unit is a little different