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Mystery Object Time again

Yes its that time again...........Mystery object to be identified

What is it and how will it be used ?  (wild guesses also encouraged).

Only clue is that its for my latest Picaxe project (would you believe), and promises to be a cool addition ..... when its programmed..

Ok..... i could not wait to post some Video of Basic System

Part 1  (None Stream Link1) Video shows basic example of it working - The working version will have the Wiimote mounted on the ceiling looking down onto the floor.

Part 2 (None Stream Link2) Video shows what i eventually intend to do with the information gathered (Robotic ArtWork ala Picaxe (codename Picaxxo(Picasso)))

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The RX unit has the other side of the QRD's hooked up?

The shape of the triagular form is very important - if it where an equal sided triangle then it would be worthless....

0.000003 megapixel camera? (did I get the right number of zeros in there?)
Really tiny hurricane tracker? (as in tracker of tiny hurricanes, not tiny tracker of hurricanes)
Snail slime trail mapper?


A device to track the migratory patterns of three (very inebriated) European swallows?
Anything that ban be described using the phrase "soft-baked buns of awesome!"?

Very good "kuck-ku" guess and not a million miles from the intended use .( 1 too many zeros though)

You are the closest yet - the formation of the three swallows are fixed BTW

or an emittor.
Link for the data sheet, if you dare.....

Here is a reliable datasheet

However your maths expertise is more fitting for this mystery.

Looks like 3 QRD1113s or QRD1114s, which are reflective object sensors. I'd say you are going to use them for line following or edge detection, since their range is only 0.5cm.

That's not a very creative idea, and you always seem to come up with very creative ideas. If the color display in the background a hint, then it sounds like you've found a more creative use for them.

With these connected to an ADC input, I think you can still only tell the difference between dark and light (or black and white). Have you found a way to work with color detection?

QRD1114s are thier flavour - but 1113s would work too..

i am running the qrds at 30ma only and the application has a detect range of say 5 meters (yes 5 meters - maybe more with 50ma)

No its not a line following gadget .........or a colour detector

The coloured background is a big ....but "cluttered"  clue........

Hehe......yes they are QRDs (that helps a lot) 

......the mystery continues........