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Picaxe and Arduino- all on one board

Well here is the idea. A board with a Picaxe and a Arduino on it (Picaxe 28x2 and Arduino 328). It will have I/Os from both of them and one programming port. There will be space for both chips. You can use one, or the other, or both. Maybe use one as a slave. I would think this would be good for people who want to start off and cant decide between either. A side by side comparison if you will. All programmed with one port and one FTDI cable. I have started work on a schematic. Any comments / ideas? I have researched programming a Picaxe with a Arduino FTDI cable. All it takes is a hex inverter chip. After that it seems pretty easy. Here is a price estimate

  • PCB $4
  • Arduino 328 $4
  • Picaxe 28x2 $10 
  • L293d  $4
  • Resistor array chip (for picaxe) $0.60
  • Sockets, headers and discrete components  $6 or less.

Just a estimate but probably all under $30

USB FTDI cable is $17


Here is version 1.1. Still the inputs for the motor drivers are not connected so i have to decide how i want to do that and which outputs from the microcontrollers i want to use. I also showed today that it was possible to program the picaxe with a arduino FTDI. I have updated the eagle file too. So if i do make these i will probably only order one batch of 10. I will keep a few and sell/give the the others. But it needs refining before that point. I would just sell the PCBs and provide a list of needed components.




Taking oddbot's advice, i have made the power traces larger in some areas. ALOT LARGER. I made the schematic less confusing so i will post it here. Thats a Picaxe 28x1 on it.




Here is version 1.3. I changed a few things. Wired inputs to the motor drivers using for the picaxe output 0,1,2,3 and the arduino uses outputs 2,3,4,5. Also i changed the resistors to be mounted vertically. I would call it done unless i need to fix some things.


i have attached the updated schematic and board eagle files. Also i attached the pictures that are above so you can see the board and schematic bigger without having to download eagle.


picduino-v1.3brd-picture.png53.36 KB
picduino-v1.3sch-picture.png56.23 KB
picduino-v1.3.brd48.87 KB
picduino-v1.3.sch151.23 KB

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Yup i have done the same with this board. Look in the bottom right hand corner. That is 2 battery inputs, one for motors and one for electronics. You can bridge them if need be.

Actually, I was just typing fast. Man, I would not have noticed that in a million years.




Everything MUST be a 3 pin servo connection with + - S

Gotta have a few i2c pins out.

Maybe an eeprom or two?

Mounting holes (Hey picaxe, (crazy idea, I know) put some damn mounting holes in your boards!)

I like screw terminals for batt and motors, but that's just me --pins are a LOT cheaper

And for all that is holy in the world,  A FRIGGIN' ON/OFF SWITCH!! Why don't people put these on "universal" boards?!?!?


All great input. I do not know if you trying to say it in order, but servo pins are - + S. 

This was actually brand specific...as long as you know what the wires mean, it doesn't really matter.

use the sn754410NE instead of the l293, pin compatible, but better.