Let's Make Robots!

I need old Antennas, or something used for drum sticks, for a drumming robot :).

Ill send PayPal money, what I do have is two GM2 224:1 Offset Shaft motors that I can trade, what I need is two rods for the front two GM10's and one for the bass drum. Any reccommendations would be lovely. I would rather it be hollow and bendable. If youve seen Fritsl's YDM, then you would know what I am talking about!

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This sounds like a good deal?!? I send you some aluminium stick, and you send me GM2 224:1?

PM me for that :D

Or if not, then go to any electronics shop, or whatever, and get some aluminium stick :)

Be sure not to use brass, or the chrome-kind that is used for most antennaes, it is way to heavy, as written in the tutorials!