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PICAXE programing clip

Tool for programing in socket PICAXEs
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Some time ago I had an idea of making a PICAXE programming ’clip’ and inspired by the work of TofuRobot http://letsmakerobots.com/node/18926 I built one today.
Haven’t been able to test it yet as I’m waiting for an IC test clip I ordered on eBay. 

The idea is to have the test clip connected to my small 1”x1” board and hopefully be able to program the PICAXE in socket or if it has been soldered directly on the board. With no power on the PICAXE from the board it is mounted on, I hope to be able to program it with the supplied power from my setup.

I have tried to cover the PICAXE 08M, 14M, 18M, 18X, 20M and 28X1 chips giving correct signals and holding the reset pins high. The switch has to be set in one position for 08M, 14M, 20M and the other position for 18M, 18X and 28X1
Hopefully it will work when I get the test chip soldered on. If not it’s not a big deal as the setup didn’t cost me anything accept for the test clip that could always be useful anyway.

The components

Some horrible soldering

Here is a color coded schematic.

I’ll update this post when the test clip arrives.

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Pulling and plugging my Picaxe has always been a pain.  Thanks for the idea!

I programmed my first two microcontroller projects by swapping back and forth between DIP/ZIF sockets...
and then never again, ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) is so much more time/debugging/hardware friendly.

what is the program you used to draw the schem ?!


It's the free software from ExpressPCB http://www.expresspcb.com/