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Hi everyone!
My name is Sergey. I would also like you doing robotics. Usually, collecting and designs BEAM robots. I'm trying to teach the robot beam to participate in competitions), for example, Kegelring ", or" mini-sum "," follow through "," Slalom "," Labyrinth ", etc.
On the site every 2-6 days laid out new schemes for robots. Also we are on the site have two sections of "Robots for Beginners" and "Robots for the pros."
We also have to open a module which will be laid out scheme of robots with a full description of the assembly in the home, pictures, and instructions.
I hope you will be interested and you visit my site: http://rassionrobots.ucoz.ru/
Ah, and yet, as our website in Russian, then we set "Translate" button. Click on it and select your country. Next page automatically translate

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