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FingerTech Gold Spark Motors

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FingerTech Robotics Gold Spark Motors (website)

These are what your robots have been waiting for. Our custom engineered robot drive motors are designed to handle the rigor of combat without breaking, and they won't hurt your wallet either!

• The extra-long 3mm shaft is triple-supported internally so that wheels can be mounted directly. We hung 20lb off the shaft and it keeps running!
• All metal spur gear reduction motor with mabuchi FK-050 motor.
• 9 different gear ratios of 20, 35, 50, 63, 86, 115, 150, 250, and 360:1
• At only 28grams (0.99oz), these are a lightweight and still powerful motor.

These motors make is super simple to get a robot moving! Just pick up a pair of Lite Flite wheels and Lite Hubs to mount them, solder on a pair of tinyESCs and your motors are ready to be driven by radio control!  For mounting the motors, use these 2-56 screws.  We now also carry 3mm bearings for supporting the shaft in heavy robots or weapon systems.

Spark Motor2-56 screws3mm bearingsLite Hubs