Let's Make Robots!

ADET 2.1 (in Spanish "Analizador De Entornos Terrestres")

is a robot that analyzes the environment(is a robot that analyzes the environment)

hi this is my project is a robot that is already finished but I'll upload the parts when I have time
I was in the (European campus party) with the robot and finally is already 100% completed
I hope you like it

The realization of electronics has been left "open" so that in future versions or other projects can be used by the Motherboard which is what controls the entire robot system and analyzes information received by its sensors, which are four GPD2, A accelerometer, a GPS module and a camera with microphone built-in humidity and temperature sensor.
the robot's movements are divided into two types:

Movement Servos:
This plate is made with Call SD20, which uses a PIC 16F872
Preinstalled leading a program that allows you to control 20 servo motors
I2C communication,

Truck Movement:

The movement is done with two bridges and two L298 H, its speed. It is controlled by a PWM signal.

It also incorporates a lighting system to enhance the visibility of the CamaraIP and night vision.

The structure of the robot consists of copper pipes

in the video I am the robot with bicycle chains












the program is done in java sunwas not easy but I had help from some  friends








    robot design I did with the program solid edge

this is the version 1.0  

this is the 1.9 version


Motor Control


This motherboard has two L298N for each motor (drill motors)the Cicuit is the same for each engine:

Are parallel inputs and outputs to increase the Amps per channel

between Gnd Vss  has a capacitor 1000μf to prevent voltage spikes

this is the scheme:




I will upload more things

forgiven for not write English well

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I will like control the robot with wifi but i do not know how to do it
I control it  with a vpn conextion

Nice of you to post it I was curious what came out of this project (been in Madrid too ;) 

this is just the start with a little help think it will be wonderful

Hey I've seen that one in Spain! How many wooden floors do you buy a week? ;)

about 7 or 8 (I'm trying to protect the chain with some rubber)

tonight will update the post and added their manufacture control motrores

ok I upload a video too youtube ok

So much better with moving pictures. And that sound! What a racket. Great, thanks.

is noisy, not a spy robot jajaja is my littel tank

we are enthusiated :D