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Robot "Rhinoceros"

For labyrinth


Hi, this is my robot "Rhinoceros." Why Rhino? Because he looks like an animal, such as massive. 








What does he look like is:

BEAM robot is assembled from readily available materials, not counting gear Tamiya.
Wheels are from the toys, jockey wheel of a computer mouse, a transparent box, which carries the tactile sensors, from under the buttons, tactile sensors picked up from some equipment.

How it works:

Robot, with only two tactile sensor capable to overcome the maze, go around obstacles, all the time in motion.
The main center of the system is the driver engines l293d, two capacitors of 20 microfarads, diodes and resistors ... When our robot starts moving, the tactile sensors are at rest, in a collision with an obstacle tactile sensor turns on and charges the capacitor. This motor is switched to reverse and the robot turns away from obstacles. If you shut both sensors, the robot horseback ago. All this is based on logic, no programs.

Basic description and the creation of this robot is described here: http://rassionrobots.ucoz.ru/forum/44-191-1