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Does anyone speak Latin around here?

I am soon to get another tattoo and I want it in Latin. This will be on the back of my neck, just above a tee-shirt and just below a proper button-up shirt with a collar. Obviously, I don't want this to happen.

I have had this particular phrase with me for a while now and I stuck it into a simple online translator.

Performance Feedback Revision (this didn't translate so I went to performance observation revision.

and I get:

efectus speculatio lima

It seems about right, but before I go under the needle, I obvioulsy want to be about quadrupal sure I got this one right. Oh, and a proper pronounciation.

Is any of us a Latin person? Do we know of anyone? Anyone in school that knows a professor?

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What you have there means literally

performance, inspection/scrutiny/speculation, polishing/revision (usually of literary work) but could also mean a carpenter's file

what i think would be a bit better is

efectus, observatio, recognitio

meaning literally: performance, observation, review/revision

i am no expert though. If you like the idea that revision is like taking a file to your work and changing it a bit go with lima insead of recognitio. It could be rather poetic

Thank you my friend,

I will still need to do some confirming but thank you for the new direction (and stuff to think about). Good stuff.



Maybe this can give you some ideas:


In this page, "effectus" appears with double f