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I'm getting a new soldering iron to build my first robot. I bought the LMR bundle and was wondering what would be the best iron and tip for this. Also, what would be the best kind of solder to use? Thanks in advance.

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That's very expensive, I suggest using a cheap 25W-35W soldering iron with a conical tip, with some 60/40 solder. That lead free stuff is terrible. You should also get a vacuum desoldering tool, they are far easier to operate than desoldering wick.

Yeah, and they can cost down to a couple of euros each, so too cheap to not have.


I don't think lead free is that bad, that's all I've used, but i never used leaded solder, so i can't compare i guess...

I go 60/40 clear flux solder from radio shack is this the stuff I want