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GPS receiver board $9.95 with free shipping

I just bought a bunch of these units and thought I would let you know I have them available at a great price.

LMR won't allow me to paste the link here. Go to Ebay and search on Ublox GPS Receiver Board.


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Hey Salvage, is the free shipping only inside the US?

I hope not, if they have good documentation i'll certainly buy one.

this one is the link to the documentation.

Sorry, I don't ship outside of CONUS.

Hi Salvage,

Do you mean LMR won't apreciate you linking to your commercial site, or is the posting of links techniclly not possible?

In any case, we would like to know where to get such an amazing deal. Feel free to post this as a component in the component section, or post the link in the advertizing forum, or add a weblink to your e-bay shop. Or all three. If your browser is acting up while trying to insert links, just copy paste them raw into the text.

I don't have a commercial site....I'm just a hobbyist like most everyone here.

LMR is giving me fits with the links.

It either won't paste at all or it does paste but inserts extra characters???

Salvage, do your boards come with a data sheet showing the pinouts, or is there somewhere on the web that has this?  I searched and couldn't find very many details.  Thanks!


I would be very interested if i had a link to the datasheet. Have you tested these out with a microcontroller? Is the serial output NMEA? On ebay they are not for sale but for bid, can you sell them for $10?

I think this is a datasheet for the chip but not the full board http://www.microem.ru/pages/u_blox/Tim_LP_LF_LC/TIM-LF_Data_Sheet(GPS.G3-MS3-03017).pdf