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GPS receiver board $9.95 with free shipping

I just bought a bunch of these units and thought I would let you know I have them available at a great price.

LMR won't allow me to paste the link here. Go to Ebay and search on Ublox GPS Receiver Board.


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Calculon just got his in the mail and he can't wait to try it out on his XMOS project. Yes, he is still working on his XMOS project. The day will come ....

Very very tempting, how much would it be to Ireland?

Is it like any other GPS receiver? As in it isnt too different to get working?

Total beginner in gps, so a board at this price might be exactly what I am looking for!    

Sorry, I don't sell outside the US.

I would also like one (Denmark, Europe). Why don't you sell outside US?

Even if I pay for the extra cost of shipping ? 

Several times I have sold outside the US and it has been a huge hassle every time. To begin with, I can't use the automated kiosk at the Post Office when I ship internationally. You have to fill out customs paperwork which means you have to go to the P.O. when they're open and stand in line to do it in person.

Secondly, there is no tracking available once it leaves the US so I have no proof it was ever delivered.

Thirdly, some of the items I've shipped have been held at customs in the receiving country for over a month at a time.

These hassels are just not worth the couple of bucks I might make on an International sale.

On the other hand, it appears these problems don't exist for items coming into the US. I buy from China all the time and have my items within 4 business days, which is faster than I can get stuff from the East coast.....go figure:-(

Well I can understand you, its not the easiest thing to do.

Well you can get tracking for packages but it cost a fortune.( UPS, Fedex, CJS...) 

And I know these problems dont exist for Ireland, I've never heard anything from customs, no matter what I order.

Never mind then, but thank you for a real explanation. I guess I will have to find another cheap gps receiver.  

You do need to buy a active GPS antenna for it. I ordered a antenna from ebay for $5 and free shipping. 

Thanks but the antenna isn't my main concern, getting it to work with an Arduino or Picaxe is what I am worried about. 

How many of these do you have left?