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GPS receiver board $9.95 with free shipping

I just bought a bunch of these units and thought I would let you know I have them available at a great price.

LMR won't allow me to paste the link here. Go to Ebay and search on Ublox GPS Receiver Board.


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This is the link to the documentation, (all 15 pages) and it will also be included on CD-ROM.

Free shipping is CONUS only.



Ok but you are auctioning them off. So they are not $9.95 because you have to bid on it. If we wanted one for $10, could we email you?, because i do not bid


These boards are now listed in the components section and here is the data sheet this one

For some reason, LMR is giving me fits with the links, some won't paste at all and others insert extra characters.

Typically, people who live outside the continental part of the USA do not understand "CONUS". Did I guess it right?

Actually, I've found just the opposite to be true. The only times I've seen the term used is in mediums

where the readership is likely to be International. In advertisements where the only customers would be "stateside",

it's not used.

I learnt a new word. Next time you could just use lat/long coordinates instead, cause we'll all have a reliable reference. Well, many. 8-D

What kind of antennae would go on the end of that cable?

There are actually 2 connectors you can use, one is directly on the receiver module and, for example, my Magellan antenna plugs directly to that one. Or, you can use a commercial style that would plug into the SMA connector. Either passive or active antennas can be used.

Hmm.. This should be posted under Advertizing


Just arrived. First impressions is it looks really good. I have to order a antenna and then i will see if it works good :)