Let's Make Robots!

Yellow Dance Machine

Update: Not much yet, but I must take my own medecine and share my work :)

I have rebuild the thing completely, am finishing it when I get a litle time here and then. New pic, that is all there is on this update :)

I have been working on how to use very simple circuits to make music into pulses, transfer this over air to a robot.

Thought is then to have the robot analyze these pulses, find beats, and .. well.. basically dance to the music.

Perhaps not the wildest of dance, but at least move in a grovy fashion.

Point is that once pulses are in air, it takes a very cheap reciever to get it down, so any number of robots could be "dancing" or where ever this leads me ;)

Also, an old robot of mine could send out pulses instead of my stereo - and so robots can move in a funky way. I think.

This is the first robot made / being made to "listen to the music", I will update this as I make progres with it :)

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What's the big black thing? Just the torso?


I'm sure you will be fine programing the dancing routine! I've seen you dance man, amazing stuff :))

LOl, that looks so much not like me! If I could not remember the funky times, I would not believe it was me. wtf is it with my eybrows, did you photoshop this?

You have seen the pictures of you on top of my bot also. It's time to face it my friend.

Yes, but they looke like me. Sor of. That one does not at all. My wife did not believe it was me! :)

"I have been working on how to use very simple circuits to make music into pulses, transfer this over air to a robot."

Er, like soundwaves, or is that the point?

Or are you talking radio TX/RX?

I think he means that he is trying to make the robot recognise the tempo/rhythm/beat of a song so that he can get his robot in tune with the music.

Yes. I wil make a walkthrough later, but short version:

Small circuit (no microprocessor, just 5 components) is hooked up to sound source. This has transmitter on, and transmits pulses. Reciever is on robot(s), and they use pulses to analyze music, and do their funky stuff to the beat.


you should make it play it's own tunes to dance to like a dancing drum bot!